Thursday, October 19, 2017

Step by step guideline for installing Visual studio 2017 for BI Developer

It is easy to install Visual studio in general, you make a few clicks, follow the wizard and then you are done. However, when it comes to Microsoft BI tool installation then last couple of years it changes a few times. For example earlier (before VS 2010), the BI tool called  Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) and it was part of SQL Server installation.

But when Visual Studio 2010 release, you got new name called 'SQL server data tools (SSDT)' and which you had to install top of Visual studio..
 Fig 1: SQL Server Data Tools menu

When you open SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) you find the template like below to develop BI solutions.

Fig 2: Templates under SSDT

However, Visual Studio 2017 release you will not have fully functional SQL Server Data Tools as separate instance. The template for making BI solution (SSIS,SSAS, SSRS) will be integrated inside Visual Studio 2017. Being said so, the release version 15.3.0 preview also have possibility to install as separate instance. However, stand alone instance breaks every time if you try to connect with TFS.

Enough talking. let's start with the Visual Studio 2017 installation steps for BI Developer:

Step 1: First install the Visual Studio 2017

Run the VS 2017 setup package and you will find screen like below to choose for BI development:

Fig 3: choose what to pick

Below image will give you closer look of what have been chosen for BI development.

Fig 4: Closer look -what have been chosen for BI
After you select the boxes you follow the wizard and will be completed the VS 2017 installation.

Step 2: After completing the VS 2017 installation take the SSDT file downloaded from ( If you already have the SSDT exc file then please avoid dowloading the file.

When you run the SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe file , you will find below window to choose from :

Fig 5: Option to choose for installing separate instance for BI

If you want templates for BI development should be place inside Visual studio 2017 then use the first option; but if you want separate instance then choose the second option from drop down list which is: "Install new SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2017 instance"

I have installed separate instance at first go and installation went fine, under your desktop menu you will find Visual Studio 2017 (2) as like below:

Fig 6: Separate instance only with BI Templates

Though separate instance installation went fine, however; the instance was crashing every time I have tried to connect TFS. Then I uninstalled it and installed with the option selected " Visual Studio Community 2017" (Look at the figure 5). And I get BI templates inside the Visual Studio 2017 which look like below:

Fig 7: BI templates inside VS 2017
Now you are ready to make your BI solutions by using brand new Visual studio 2017 and it also works integrating with TFS.