Saturday, December 16, 2017

How to create new workspace in TFS?

You may need to create new workspace in TFS, if your current workspace is corrupted or you have some issues with where you messed up totally. I am going to guide you how to create a new workspace and load the source code in the new workspace so you can have fresh start over.

Finding out the menu item 'workspaces' could be tricky, so you go :

File->source Control->Advanced->Workspaces  as like below image.

Fig 1 : Find out Workspace for TFS

When you are at the work space window then please fill up all necessary information to add new  work space:

By following above fig 2:  You need to fill up as below:

a)       Click ‘Add’
b)      Edit name
c)       Put status as ‘Active’
d)      Put Source control folder to /FolderBI
e)      Put the local folder location where you would like to put the source ode

Fig 2: fill up info for new work space

Now you are good to go and get the latest to the new folder you specified.