Saturday, January 18, 2020

Azure Data Factory: How to add and remove code repository to ADF

If you are working with Azure data Factory (ADF), the very first step of the development is to connect with code repository, well!!  you can develop without connecting code repository but  collaboration work and version control can't be there.

In general when you work with ADF and publish code is saved under ADF service but no repository is there means you can't see who saved the code or which version of the code you are working with.
For example, below Fig 01 give me option to choose from ADF mode or use Github. If I choose ADF mode then there will be no repository for the project, however; with Github I will have that option.

Fig 01: ADF repo ot ADF mode

Step 1: Create source source repository

If you have visual studio subscription then you can get free azure DevOps account and then create repository there, if don't then please go to  Github ( and create a repository which is completely free. It's very simple to create a repository in Github, just a few click.

Step 2: Login to Azure Data Factory and choose relevant repository type

Let's log into the Azure Data Factory and after clicking 'Author and Monitor' you will have the page for the development work. At the top left of the page like below Fig 02, you will find option called 'Set up Code repository'.

Fig 02: Set up Code repository

And you get options to choose from either Azure DevOps Git or Github (see above fig: 02). If you already have visual studio account then you can choose 'Azure DevOps', otherwise you need to use Github.

For example, in my case; I logged in Azure portal with my personal account and the account doesn't have any association with Visual studio account. So when choose 'Azure DevOps' nothing is showing(Fig 03)
Fig 03: Azure Devops require VS account

Step 2: Settings for the chosen repository type

Let's go to the next step where you have already chosen repository type 'Github' and now please fill up the necessary information as like shown in figure 04.

Fig 04: Detail for GitHub

Github repository is added to the Azure data factory, so it's become easy to collaborate and deploy the pipeline.

Fig 05: Repository is connected

Removing Code Repository:

The code repository have been added for ADF, however, for any reason if you want to remove the repository, then?

You need to find out 'repo settings', Please come out from Author tab and switch to Home tab to find 'repo settings' as like figure 06.

Fig 06: Find Git repo

As long as you click the 'repo settings', you will find below screen (Fig 07)  there will be option to remove the repository, just click the 'remove git' you are done!!

Fig 07: Removing Git repo