Saturday, January 16, 2016

Teardata Error Code 2652: Operation is not allowed and table is being Loaded, how to solve?

I was working with a SAS DI job and using transformation called Teradata Table Loader to load data into the teradata table named 'Table1'.

Fig 1: Job  (dummy) with Teradata Table Loader

After running the job I found error:  Operation is not allowed: 'Table1' is being Loaded. After investigating a little found the reason that when you are loading data into Teradata and using TPT (Teradata Parallel Transporter) utility with Teradata MultiLoad you can find such error. The Teradata Table Loader property in the job looks like below:

Fig 2: Property for transformation Teradata table loader.

 And the error means you will not able to make any operation to this table, it's locked. 

Then I started looking into the solution; so far I found a few solutions:

1) Use empty file and connect with target table and then run it so the error will disappear. Then run with the right source file.
2) Use code to release the lock, syntax is:
       RELEASE MLOAD Table1 ;
3) Drop and recreate the table.

I have tried  number 1 and 2 solution but did not work successfully.  DBA kill my SQL session but still it's same, did not fix the problem.

However, solution 3 works for me. Then I was able to run the job and load the data into the table.