Friday, November 14, 2014

Column length Limitation In Teradata

Maybe you got a task to create a view. And you are making alias of the columns names as per your customer request. Sometimes by giving the sensible name you will experience the limitation of teradata column length.

e.g. your query can look like below:

Create view View_generate_error3737
      Customer.Name as customer_name_from_Mars_with_tedius_huge_ear
      ,Customer.Age as Customer_age_from_march
Alian_Information AS Customer
where CTY='Mars' and behavior='tedius_huge_ear'

As long as you pressed F5, and will found the error like below:

Fig: 3737 error

Error: "3737: name requires more than 30 bytes in LATIN internal form" which is self explanatory. It means you can't define a column name that has characters more than 30.

So by putting bigger column name you can be ended up with a compile error in Teradata.

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