Friday, November 4, 2016

Fix the SSIS Errror: AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager (error code 0xC0202009)

I was doing ETL to get data from staging area to Data warehouse and while runnig the data flow task it's shown the error :  The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager [DatabseName] failed with error code 0xC0202009.

      Fig 1: Error code 0xC0202009

 Interestingly, the same SSIS package is running without error in Test and Production. After a little bit of interenet search as found, a few people mentioned about changing the Debug options from 64bit to 32Bit, It means you set Run64BitRuntime=False, as like below:

Fig 2: Change 64bitRuntime from debug options
However, it did not work for me, then tried a attribute called 'Delay validation'. You need to click the Data Flow Task's property and change the 'Delay Validation' from TRUE to FALSE.

Fig 3: Change Delay Validation Property

After changing the property you should able to run the package without error,

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