Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to atuomate SFTP file transfer in Windows

When it comes to loading file to the FTP server then we use different free FTP/SFTP client like WinSCP, FileZilla etc. The process of uploading files is completely manual in this way. If your business needs to upload files repeatedly then the process should be automated.

My writing will cover how this can be done in Microsoft windows.
For example you have a file called UploadMe.txt which is located in C:\temp. Now we would like to upload this file to the SFTP Server. Before we start using  script, let's see how we do in WinSCP.

Fig 1: WinSCP  User Interface

As we can see, we need following information to connect the FTP/SFTP server, I have put the information as an example:

Host name:
Port number: 22
User bane: myuser
Password: Password

And when you are connected to the SFTP server then you drag files from your local machine and drop the files to the server.
Fig 2: Moving file from local PC to SFTP Server

How do we do the same thing by using script?

Step 1: You need to install WinSCP, so go to the : and download it.
Fig 3: Download WinSCP 

Step 2: Script for establishment of connection to the SFTP server and move the file from your machine to the Server. So the script should cover at least below:

a) Opening a connection the SFTP server, below syntax will open the connection:
open s

b) Syntax for copying data from local machine to FTP server:
put -nopermissions -nopreservetime "C:\temp\test_data.txt"  test_script.txt

Lets make full script in one place and save the file as 'uploadscript.txt'

option echo off
option batch on
option confirm off
open s
#Change LOCAL directory
lcd "C:\temp\"
#copy an individual file
put -nopermissions -nopreservetime "C:\temp\test_data.txt"  test_data.txt

Before we run the above script through .bat file, we would like to test if we can connect with FTP server and load the file by using command windows.

Fig 4: windows Command line
Change the path to WinSCP so that we can use WinSCP resources:

Fig 5: Accessing WinSCP file

Run the script which will make connection with the SFTP Server and copy the file to the server.

Fig 6: Make connection and move file

As you can see from the above screenshot (fig 6), SFTP server connection is made and started loading the file.

However, above process is done through windows command line to see if we can establish connection and transfer file. Since we would like to make it automated so we need to make a batch file and run the script ('uploadscript.txt') that we just run through windows Command line. And last step is to schedule the task via windows Task Schedular, hurrah, now your file will be automatically upload to the SFTP server as schedule them.

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