Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Missing Report Data Pane in SSRS

One of the reporting tool is used in BI called SSRS.  And when you create a SSRS project by using SQL Server Data Tools, the most important pane you use to create report is ReportData. Literally, you can't make SSRS report without using Report Data Pane, Now think about suddenly you can't find Report Data pane which was just there before. How you gonna find that?
This post will cover how to find report data when you just miss it.

When you create SSRS project, you will find report data pane under view as like below screenshot.

Fig 1: Report Data in Visual studio

And the report data pane look like below:

Fig 2: Report Data Pane
Now you start making report as like below figure:

Fig 3: Design the report
After working a little bit then you may suddenly don't find the Report Data Pane under 'View', And list under 'view' menu will look like below:

Fig 4: missing Report Data

Now you  are puzzled, how come the pane is not there??  How to get it back:
The reason for missing the 'Report Data' is you must click some where else than the design layout; you may click at the project file (as like below diagram)

Fig: Click at the right place

As long as you click at the design layout then you will find the 'Report Data' pane.

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