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How to handle trailing space while you use LEN function in SQL

LEN function in MS SQL returns the number of characters of the specified string expression, excluding trailing blanks. [1]

It means if your data has trailing blank /space in the string then LEN function will ignore that.

SELECT LEN('DK123456789 ') as LengthofString

Which give you as length 11, though with space it’s 12.
Well, you can say we know it will be 11 why you should have 12? Or what is problem if it returns length as 11?

Let’s discuss the above scenario, consider above string 'DK123456789’ is a valid company VAT registration number. And your customer asked to get only the number part, so output should be ‘123456789’
So you use RIGHT function as like below:
Fig 1: RIGHT function to find number part

And you get the right result.

However, if your data has issue like trailing blank then can you expect the result`? Let’s see:

Fig 2: When you have data issue

So you lost the first digit since RIGHT function consider space/blank as character so you get 9 character from the right side of the value which include one space but discard first character ‘1’.

The above particular example we already know the length, however; when we query SQL table then we don’t know the length so we must calculate length as well.
so let’s create a table and insert some data:

CREATE Table #Table1 (
 [VATRegistration] nvarchar(50))

 insert into #Table1 values('DK123456789 ')
 insert into #Table1 values('DE7891012879')
 insert into #Table1 values('BD989741258')

 select * from #Table1

Fig 3: VAT registration data

We make the SQL query to find out only number part from the above dataset, the query is look like:

SELECT [VATRegistration],RIGHT([VATRegistration],LEN([VATRegistration])-2)  as [VATRegistrationNo]
FROM #Table1   /*Since we know first two characters need to exclude from the VAT number*/

Fig 4: Output with error data

Does our result correct? Look closer and will find first row has discarded first digit. Why this happened? Because the data has issue, If you look at the above insert statement you will find it has trailing space. So how do we solve this?

The main problem here is to calculate the LEN, since data LEN will not count space as length. Well can’t we try RTRIM then? Sure let’s do it.

 SELECT [VATRegistration],RIGHT([VATRegistration],LEN(RTRIM([VATRegistration]))-2)  as [VATRegistrationNo]
 FROM #Table1   /*Since we know first two characters need to exclude from the VAT number*/

Unfortunately, result did not change, well; it’s not unfortunate; rather this how it’s built, TRIM function will not have any effect under LEN function.

What can we do then? Yes…, REPLACE must be a good option here.

SELECT [VATRegistration],RIGHT([VATRegistration],LEN(REPLACE([VATRegistration],' ','_'))-2)  as [VATRegistrationNo]
 FROM #Table1   /*Since we know first two characters need to exclude from the VAT number*/

Result look fine now:

Fig 5: Correct output by using REPLACE

Since REPLACE make removed the space and put ‘_’ which is count as character. And RIGHT function return 10 character from right to the left which include space as well.

Fig 6: Where is the difference??

 After you get the result you can RTRIM the final value before you present to the report or sending to the business.

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