Sunday, March 18, 2018

How to repeat column header in each page of a SSRS Report?

When your SSRS report produce more than one page of output then at the second page and onward you are missing the column headers. So you miss the mapping between data and corresponding column header. You may feel lost, but; how to survive from this situation? Must need to add column header in each page.

To achieve above you need to change some properties of the report. If you go to Tablix properties then you will find options to choose which work fine with matrix but unfortunately doesn't work with table.

Fig 1: Tablix property
Since in my report, I have used Table (fig 2), so when I have used the above properties from Tablix it did not work.

Fig 2: SSRS toolbox 'Table'
To make it work, I had to choose advance properties which are followings:

1) Make advance property available 

Select heading section and then select the arrow at the right corner to get advance option available (fig 3)
Fig 3: Finding advance property 
2) Update the advance property value 

After you click the 'advanced mode' described in step 1, you will find below:

Fig 4: Looking into Advance mode

Make sure you have selected 'static' (yellow shaded from fig 4) and then find the properties of it by clicking property window from View->Properties window which will look like figure 5.
Please change the value KeepWithGroup='After' and RepeatOnNewPage='True'.

Fig 5: update the property value

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