Sunday, October 14, 2018

SSAS cube: Partition process successfully but measure group is not showing any data

Some days will bring you big surprise which you are not prepare for at all!! I am going to share one of them!!

One of the cube I was working with processed successfully but there is no data in the measures which was just there before last processed.

What can go wrong??

I have only  added one attribute to the existing dimension. And then processed default, processed full, processed partition by by partition full; all different cases processed successfully but no data under the measure group. When I drag dimensions under SSAS cube browser I am able to see the value but no rows are show while adding measures.

Was google helpful?

Through google search, some suggested to check if the source database connection is set correctly, Some talked about full process, some mentioned about adding slice to process the partition correct.

Nothing really helped me.

What steps resolved the issue?

step 1: Make sure you have right database connection and passed your credential as well as used correct impersonate  correct(sometime cube don't show you the correct error message)

step 2: Process all the dimensions one after another

step 3: Since it's huge data set so process one partition and checked the estimated size property of the specific partition that you just processed.

If estimated size of the partition property is not 0 MB, it means you should have the data.

Lesson learned: if you find the cube measure is not shown any data suddenly after adding an attribute to the existing dimension then do process all the dimensions (not only the changed dimension) and then process the cube. This step is always helpful if your cube behave strange sometime without noticing you :)

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