Saturday, August 1, 2015

Teradata DBC : Easy way to get DDL of views, tables and macros!!

 As a database developer you may need to take back up of DDL of views, macros and tables for a particular database that you are working on. Or when your development work is done then you need to move table/macro structure (DDL) from development environment to test and test to production.

And those cases, how do you move DDL from Development environment to Test environment and test to Production?

You can copy DDL from database one by one and then paste it to a document to save it and then forward the document to the DBA to execute your DDL in Test or Production environment.

 If you would like to copy DDL of the table then you do like below:

Fig 1: Manually copy DDL one by one

If you have twenty(20) tables, 10 macros or 5 views then you have to do the above action 35 times which is time consumable, error prone and boring tasks.

Then, what could be the better way to do it?

You can use DBC to get DDL of views, macros and tables for one particular database by using below SQL:

select * from dbc.tables where databasename='Customer_Service'

order by TableKind desc

Result look like below:

Fig 2: DBC result set

From the above result set (Fig 2),  you will find a column named RequestText that holds DDL for all elements exist in the database.

To find DDL for table; SQL will look like below:

Select RequestText from dbc.tables where tablekind='T' and databasename='Customer_Service'

tablekind=T means table
tablekind=V means views
tablekind=M means macro

By changing tablekind column's value you can get DDL for different object in the database.

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