Sunday, April 21, 2019

Misleading popup message in SSIS solution can give you trouble!!

SQL Server Data Tools (2017) is smart and trying to help you many ways. But sometime performance improvement popup message can lead you to some other issue.

I would like to share my experience recently, I was working with SSIS packages and at the end of the day commited and pushed the code to github successfully. But very next day when I opened the solution, surprisingly got incompatibility error (Fig 1), I was not able to open the project.

Fig 1: Solution incompatibility error.
I was really surprised, and trying to remember what I did wrong which may causes the issue. The project incompatible (Fig 1) generally happens when Visual studio version miss match. I did not do any update !! My mind was stuck for a while then recall that I clicked a pop up message in SSDT last day even can't remember what I responded. 

The pop up message was the below one (Fig 2). And I surely clicked 'Disable this extension'.

Fig 2: Misleading pop up
Pop up message in SSDT also says 'Disabling it may improve your experience' (Fig 2). I did not pay close attention and trusted the part where saying it may improve the performance which is misleading. And this causes the solution turned into incompatible.

How to solve this issue?

There are two ways you can solve:

1) Repair the software or 2) Enable the extension

1) Repair the software

You can execute the SQL server data tools (SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe) and click repair as like below figure 3, complete a few steps in wizard. When repair is done then open the solution, now compatibility error will go away.
Fig 3: Repair SSDT

2) Enable the extension
Please open SQL Server Data Tool and go to Tools->Extension and updates. You will find 'Micoroft Integration Services Project' extension is Disabled (Fig 4), so you need to enable the extension,

Fig 4: Extension and update

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