Sunday, October 20, 2019

SSIS: Execute SQL Task Limiation

I would like to share an experience that found recently. In general, when you work with SSIS and using SQL Execute task, you tend to make query by using  SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and when query works fine then copy the code into the Execute SQL Task. However,  when I copied the code and pasted to Execute SQL task and run the package it failed at Execute SQL task, then figure it out only part of the SQL code is pasted.

Fig 1: SQL Execute Task

The SQL code I copied was around 1600 lines, however when pasted it's only took 891 lines of code to Execute SQL Task and rest have been discarded. It means Execute SQL task got limitation, out of curiosity took the pasted part of the code from Execute SQL task then count it and found it can hold up to 30,987 characters with space. (see below fig 2)

Fig 1: SQL Execution task limiation

How do you solve it?
Well, It's easy, you wrap the SQL code either by using view or store procedure and then use that in your Execute SQL task.

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